Where Willy Went - The kid's book that has mum's howling with laughter

"Willy was a little sperm. He lived inside Mr Browne ... just here."

When your kids begin to ask questions about reproduction, it can be difficult to know just what level of understanding is appropriate for their age.

But one mum has shared a book on Facebook that has people howling with laughter, and I'm sorta thinking this could have saved me just last week when my son asked if the egg cracks inside the mummy's tummy after daddy's 'you know' put the 'you know' into her vagina.

Image: Facebook/michellehiscock.

Willy lives inside Mr Browne ... "just here". Image: Facebook/michellehiscock.

"I’m literally howling"

Michelle Hiscock shared some images on Facebook of Nicholas Allan's children's book, Where Willy Went with the caption, "Well that was interesting! I’m literally howling."

The post has since gone viral with over 13,000 reactions (and counting!) and 113,000 shares.

"Bruhhhhh. I’m giving all y’all this book for y’all baby showers when they happen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭. I’m crying!!!!" wrote one person.

Another vowed (or threatened?) to buy it for their friend's son for Christmas "so he knows where his new sibling is from."

Let your kids place an order. Once a week, allow your children to choose what's for dinner and cook it for them.

Image: Facebook/michellehiscock.

There's a great race... Image: Facebook/michellehiscock.

"A frank Willy"

The story follows 'Willy', "a little sperm who lives inside Mr Browne." There's a race to the coveted prize, and tale about a very good swimmer. We won't give it all away, but let's just say there's more to the story than what you may think.

The book is available at a variety of outlets, but we found it to be cheapest at Book Depository , which also lists Allan's other books, Father Christmas Needs a Wee! and The Queen's Knickers.

Reviews hail the book as "likeably frank" and "truthfully informative."

brb, gotta place an order!