Sheinelle Jones' daughter gives doll the cutest 'mom makeover'

Sheinelle Jones might have just found an adorable mini-me.The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host , next to a photo of herself on set.

"Definitely not planned and my kids don't see me in the morning," she wrote. "Look what I see on the couch! Clara took a scarf and hair band and made a new dress for her doll. haha Great minds think alike."In the photo, both Jones and her daughter's doll wear dresses with a similar animal print pattern with the only major difference being the length of the sleeves. Clara also gave her doll's outfit one more colorful touch, adding a bright red bow to the doll's straight, black hair.

Plenty of Instagram users took to the comments section to compliment 6-year-old Clara's creative skills .

"She is very talented!! I see the Fashion Institute of Technology in her future!!!" praised one commentator, while another said that they expected to see Clara working in fashion soon.

"PRECIOUS!!! She's adorable, just like her mama!!" wrote another user.

One user even suggested that Clara "should have been sketching with Venus," referring to Jones' recent job swap with tennis star Venus Williams , where she drew Williams' design vision as she described it to her in person.

Heidi Klum (mom of four: Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou (above)): “I’m not someone who [lives] like, ‘OK, this is a museum and you can’t sit here and you can’t touch this and everything has to be put in its place - [the kids] live here as much as we do. You come into our house and a giant elephant and lion are welcoming you. We have toys and things everywhere.”

Venus Williams joins the panel on the 3rd hour of TODAY

Jones often features her family on Instagram . On Monday, she shared an adorable video of herself and Clara dancing together, which garnered praise from Savannah Guthrie, Emmy-nominated choreographer Chloe Arnold, and NBC Washington anchor Jummy Olabanji.

We can't wait to see what Clara designs next!

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