Dylan Dreyer bakes a candy piñata cake for son Calvin's 2nd birthday

What's better than a homemade cake for your birthday? How about a cake filled with candy and sprinkles?

Well, for little Calvin's 2nd birthday, celebrated on Sunday but officially on Dec. 17, mom Dylan Dreyer was totally on the case, as she shared in sweet Instagram photos (be sure to click on all of them 'cause there's a cake-cutting video you won't want to miss):

"My first homemade birthday cake!! Took all day but totally worth it!" the TODAY anchor wrote on a caption for the first picture, in which she's applying frosting onto what will become a "piñata" cake for the little guy.

We totally appreciate this attention to detail: not only is it a special cake (the yellow inside is hollowed out to hold chocolate-covered candy and sprinkles), but she goes to the trouble of changing up the frosting color for each level and the exterior.

Incredible, and incredibly delicious!


Piñata cakes are all the rage these days; you may remember this Halloween cake that contained mini-candy bars, too.

A delicious candy piñata cake cooked up by Chef Alejandra Ramos on TODAY.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

But we love that Dylan continues to be creative for her little guy's big day, too. Last year, she did what she called a "dollar-store" version of a "winter wonderland," which serviced both children and grown-ups with a hot chocolate bar and gingerbread men.

Memorize the acronym H.A.L.T. Tantrums often happen because the thrower is Hungry, Agitated, Lonely, or Tired.

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering what dad Brian Fichera was up to, he was admiring the fun balloon decorations, which were set off nicely by the Christmas tree in the corner:

We have no doubt that Calvin enjoyed his second party as much as his first, and we can't wait to see what mom will come up with next year! Happy birthday, little guy — and a pat on the back to his personal baker too!

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